Secret Health Benefits of Lemon Peel Usages and Facts

Secret Health Benefits of Lemon Peel | Usages and Facts

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Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C. Most of the times, we use lemon for its juice. Lemon juice is used in various recipes and various other juices but what about lemon peel. Are there any health benefits of lemon peel? Find out below.

Difference Between Lemon Peel, Rind and Zest

Some people ask about what is lemon rind and zest. Rind and peel are same but the zest is a little different thing. Peel or rind includes both inner white part and outer colorful part. While zest is referred to the thin outer layer of a lemon skin which is rich with citrus oil. White pith tastes bitter with an unpleasant taste. If you will use lemon peel in your recipe, it means colorful part of skin without white pith.

How to Get Lemon Zest

First, rinse the lemon well. It is extremely important because you are planning to consume it. The basic thing you need is flat grater or box grater. It is a very easy method without. But you can also get zest with a sharp knife. Cut off a strip of rind from the side of the lemon and remove the white pith carefully. Finally, cut it into fine strips.

Nutritional Benefits

Have you ever thought about lemon peel contain 5 to 10 times more vitamins and minerals? Each 100gm of Lemon peel contains about 134mg calcium, 129mg vitamin C, 10.6gm fiber, 160mg potassium. Apart from that it also contains more than 44 kinds of flavone glycosides and other nutrients. We throw the lemon peel in the trash but stop throwing now. Please check the following table for more.
Nutrients Amount per serving (6g)
Calories 3
Total fat 0.02 grams
Saturated fat 0 grams
Cholesterol 0 milligrams
Sodium 0.36 milligrams
Potassium 9.6 milligrams
Total carbohydrates 0.96 grams
Sugars 0.25 grams
Dietary fiber 0.64 grams
Protein 0.09 grams
Vitamin A 3 IU
Vitamin C 7.74 milligrams
Calcium 8.04 milligrams
Iron 0.05 milligrams
Every 100 grams of lemon peel has 134 milligrams of calcium.
The same amount has 160 milligrams of potassium.
The same amount contains 129 milligrams of vitamin C.
The same amount contains 10.6 grams of fiber.

Various Health Benefits of Lemon Peel:

1: Reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Lemon contains zero cholesterol content. So lemon peel can be very helpful to decrease the body’s cholesterol level. It contains Potassium which can help maintain blood pressure level. Lemon Peel contains very special antioxidant flavonoids called Polyphenol flavonoids and soluble fiber Pectin. Polyphenol and Pectin are able to reduce the cholesterol level especially LDL (Bad cholesterol).

2. Improve Bone Health

With good quality calcium and vitamin c, it prevents bone disease and builds stronger bones. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, inflammatory polyarthritis, bone fractures, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis, you can use the peel to reduce the symptoms.

3. Improve immunity power

Are you facing cold, flu or other related symptoms frequently? It indicates about your weak immune system. People use lemon juice to boost immunity power because it contains vitamin c. Vitamin C allows the body to resist infections. But do you know lemon peel contains more vitamin c and other vital nutrients than juice? So this time use the lemon peel to boost your immune system.

4. Weight Loss and Improve Metabolism

It contains pectin. Pectin is a gelatinous soluble fiber found in several fruits and can help lose weight without cutting calories. Pectin binds to cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract. It slows glucose absorption by trapping carbohydrates and thus reduces blood cholesterol level. Pectin also increases viscosity and volume of stool so it helps against constipation and diarrhea. It keeps you full and delays hunger. But don’t assume that it can reduce pounds of weight. It can help to reduce the body weight but it is not a proven solution.

Best way to consume lemon peel for weight loss is to make natural tea (Without sugar) using it. To make a tea, put some lemon peel into the heatproof pot with some boiling water. Leave it to cool. Now add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and stir through. Here you go.

5. Boost Detoxification

Lemon peel contains some citrus bioflavonoids and Vitamin C which boost the immune system to get rid of various toxins from our body.

6. Usages For Hair – Anti Dandruff and Conditionar

Lemon peel gives your hair shine and smoothness. You can make citrus vinegar with these. Just put some lemon peel and apple cider vinegar into a jar and leave it for 2 weeks to set. After that, you can take 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar into one cup of water and apply this solution after shampooing. Another method is to take some lemon peel powder and mix it well with water. Mix these well to create a thin paste. Apply this paste to your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. and wash properly with care. It will also cure dandruff and scalp problems.

7. Improve Skin Condition

It is an excellent skin tonic. You can use it for acne, pigmentation and dark spots. Just rub it on your face gently (careful around eyes) and rinse with lukewarm water. Also, rub it on your fingernails for whiten fingernails. If you are interested in making a lemon peel scrub, click here: Uses of lemon oil and peel

You can make different face packs by using it.

1. Mix lemon peels powder with curd and applies it on your face. It will extract the extra oil from your skin.

2. Mix the peel powder with turmeric. Good pack for anti-aging and protect the skin from harmful bacterias.

3. Mix peel powder, gram powder, and lime juice. The best remedy for skin complexion.

4. Mix peel powder with honey. It helps in the dryness of skin.

De-tan Pack for your skin

Add lemon juice and peel in oatmeal with rose water. It’s very effective. If applied regularly, It shows great results in two weeks.

8. Fight against Cancer

Scientists at De Montfort University, United Kingdom found that a compound in a peel called salvestrol Q40 kills an enzyme that spurs the growth of human cancer cells. This component reduces the risk of various types of cancer like skin and breast cancer. Peel also contains another component named “Limonene“, which also helps against cancer.

9. Improve Oral health

A deficiency of vitamin C and calcium may lead to several gum problems. Daily consumption of lemon juice and peels promotes oral health.

10. Enhance your Mood

The citrus aroma of lemon peel may improve your mood. You can use it as an essential oil for aromatherapy. If you have a fresh lemon, you can extract the essential oil by pressing the rinds of the lemon peel. The yellow side of the peel should be on the outside.

11. Cleans the Liver

It contains many nutritional components that promote the liver and its functionality. Lemon triggers the nerve and hormone activation to the liver and improves the blood circulation. You can also use lemon juice to detox your liver. For this, you can consume half lemon in lukewarm water in the morning for few days.

12. Purifying the Blood

Having a natural source of vitamin C and citric acid, it helps in purifying the blood in the body. It also eliminates the impurities present in the blood vessels and gives you glower skin.

13. Helps in Reducing Oxidative Stress

It contains Citrus Bioflavonoids (flavonoids) which are a vital resistance to the oxidative stress and thus enable the biological system to detoxify the reactive intermediates. Flavonoids contain antioxidant anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antidiarrheal effects.

14. Helps in Parkinson

It contains the potent phytonutrient tangerine and its presence in the peel is proved to be very much effective in brain disease like Parkinson.

15. Cure Joint Pain with Lemon Peel

Are you suffering from joint pain and taking too many pills and lotions to get rid of this? It’s a good news for you. Lemon peel oil is extremely useful to cure joint pain and inflammation naturally. You have to directly apply the oil onto the painful area at night. You can make homemade oil for yourself.

To do this, Put the peel of two or three lemons in a jar and add 400 ml olive oil or sesame seed oil. If you have, you can also add some Eucalyptus leaves in the jar. Close the jar tightly and leave it for two weeks.

After two weeks, You are ready to apply this oil to the affected area of your body. To get maximum benefits, you can also consume lemon peels as tea, candy or anything.

Lemon flavored olive oil can be an excellent dressing for your salads, fish and rice dishes with the rich aroma of lemon.

16. Prevent the Growth of Breast Cancer

According to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lemon peel contains a flavonoid hesperetin. It helps to prevent the growth of breast cancer tumors. You can read the full article here: Limoneira

17. Helps in Wart

To cure a wart, you need a small part of lemon peel and apple cider vinegar. soak the peel in vinegar for 24 hours. Before going to bed put the peel on the wart (white part down and color part up) and cover it with a plastic bag or doctor tape. Leave it all night. Repeat this process until the wart turns black and fall off.

Please check out the video:

How to Consume

lemon peel how to consume it

1. Grated lemon peel

Place your lemons in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then take them out and grate. Now you can sprinkle the grated lemon peel on your meals, salads or in your drinks. OR Grind your lemon peel (without freezing).

2. Prepare Some tea

To make a tea, put some lemon peel and sugar into a heatproof pot with some boiling water. Leave it to cool. Now add one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and stir through. You can also make it without adding any sugar.

3. Lemon Peel Candy

This recipe is called candied lemon peel. It is a simple and delicious recipe.


Lemon Peel and 2 cups white sugar or as needed


1. Cut the peels into long strips.

2. Now bring water and peels in a pan to boil. Cook peel until tender, about 7 to 10 minutes. Remove the peels from water and set aside for 10 minutes.

3. In a pan, combine 2 cups of water with 2 cups of sugar. Bring to a boil until sugar dissolves completely. Reduce heat to low and add boiled lemon peel. And boil until it turns translucent. Store peels in syrup and refrigerates or With a slotted spoon, transfer peel to dry surface and allow them to dry for one hour. Toss it with some sugar, if you want. Watch a video: